About Me

Fran Climent

About Me

I am an telecommunications engineer who has been developing electronic products, both hardware and software, since 2006. I have professional experience in sectors like defence, automotive, railway, renewable energies, power electronics and semiconductors, from small, medium and large multinational companies.


But much more important than what I made, where or when, is how I made it. During most of these years, I barely managed to survive. Yes, 'survive'. Because I failed to follow a sustainable, iterative, almost defect-free (both in behavior and in structure) development process in every project I was involved. And I was not alone. Every team member had a shared belief:  embedded was 'that' hard.

By accident, guided by the pain of being unable to satisfy my customers, in 2016 I found out about the existence of Test-Driven Development (TDD), which pointed me out to Extreme Programming (XP)Agile and Craftmanship. It was a revealing moment, a whole game changer in my professional career. I felt like I had been living inside Plato's cave. Like a prisoner suffering Stockholm syndrome with his beloved hardware, being devoid of the proper principles, knowledge and tools to consider himself a true professional.


Nowadays, I help teams and organizations to improve their development processes as a part of my long road to software craftsmanship, offering both online and onsite technical courses and mentoring


In case you or your company are still attached to the cave's survival mode, may be I could guide you towards much better development approaches. In case you want to fight against these 'cave shadows', share opinions, knowledge, concerns, doubts... go ahead and do not hesitate to contact me!.

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